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Public Opinion Polling

Corporate image and corporate performance are closely linked. Our polling service provides consumer feedback regarding name and brand identification, customer satisfaction of services or products and general favorability.

For over two decades Research & Polling has a history of accurately predicting the outcome of New Mexico public elections. These election polls are published in New Mexico's most widely circulated newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal.

Our polling expertise has been successfully applied in the following areas:

Corporate Image/Advertising Awareness Surveys

Research & Polling assists prominent national corporations and local companies in defining their corporate image and business strategies through surveys designed to accurately segment business markets and opportunities. The company also works closely with advertising agencies to help refine, through both quantitative and qualitative research, effective promotional campaigns that target particular audiences, helping companies attain their business goals. Research & Polling also offers executive interviewing services.

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Public Policy Polls

Research & Polling has a long track record of accurately gauging public opinion on a wide variety of issues. The company is particularly adept at designing polls that measure a broad array of public policy issues such as environmental, fiscal, educational, and legal topics.

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Media/Political Polls

Research & Polling has an ongoing relationship with the Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico's most widely circulated daily newspaper, conducting public opinion polls on a wide variety of topics, including partisan elections and current issues. In the last 27 years, we have conducted over 80 election polls. In addition to election topics, these polls have addressed current events. Additionally, Brian Sanderoff, President of Research & Polling, provides expert analysis on public policy matters and elections for KOAT TV Channel 7 (New Mexico's ABC affiliate).

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Community Surveys/Citizen Satisfaction

Research & Polling specializes in conducting Community Perception Surveys, having conducted such surveys for local governments, school boards, public universities and colleges, public libraries and museums. Areas of study include transportation, recreation, quality of life, education and special interest topics.

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Membership Surveys/Employee Surveys

Our company conducts a variety of surveys with members of highly specialized organizations and with business executives. Groups of special interest to our clients include: physicians and health care providers, associations, attorneys, executives and business leaders, donors, students and patients.

Research & Polling also has considerable experience in conducting high-response rate employee surveys for both small and large organizations. Such surveys help organizations pinpoint predictors of employee satisfaction and how to meet organizational challenges through a plan-of-action for the organization.

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